Hey people. What’s going on?

I’m sitting in my car at the skate park watching my son skate back and forth . It’s a real skate park–concrete ramps and jumps, stuff like that. The kids at the park ride bicycles, skateboards and scooters.

My son is on a scooter . He doesn’t admit to anybody that he rides a scooter because to him it seems like a wimpy thing to do. He says he’d be mocked off school property if any of the kids there knew he did it. But he’s actually very good at it. It’s not wimpy at all when you watch him on a scooter.

We bought him a very good (expensive) scooter a year or two ago . He rode it so much that the handlebars eventually snapped off . Or I should say, one of them did.

So for Christmas I ordered him a new set of bars.

They arrived and he was very excited about them. Unfortunately, when he told me what he wanted (he sent me a link to the bars on Amazon), he didn’t look closely at the way they mounted to the deck .

When they came, they didn’t fit. He found out that they require a different compression system to attach the bars to the deck.
Yesterday I took him up to the scooter shop in Orlando and the chick there worked For quite a long time to get the right set-up for him . She had the other kind of compression system that he needed.

Unfortunately the bars he had really didn’t work very well with the compression system that she had . So we ended up buying new bars and I will have to return the other ones.

She got him all set up with two bars and a new clamp and he didn’t have to get a whole new compression system. So that little trip cost us a mere $145.

But what the heck, he’s back in business tonight, finally, after about two and half months with no scooter to ride.

So anyway this is my blog about various and sundry things. I’m a mom of a teenager. This blog will probably be about life with a teenager . I’m also redoing my kitchen so I will probably talk about that a little bit: fascinating stuff like tile removal and stuff.

Why am I writing this? It’s actually just for the heck of it.

I’ve always wanted to write a blog and I decided that now is a good time While my son is in his teenage years and I have various projects going on. It’s a good excuse to process things and keep track of accomplishments and conversations and growth. At the same time I’m working on improving my writing.

This blog will be a welcoming place for comments Although I don’t expect too many people to read this. But if you do read it and you have a comment, you’re more than welcome to do that, and I will respond if I can .

Ciao for now.