I’m watching my son work on a scooter trick. He’s doing it over and over and he keeps falling. He already has an injured knee from other tricks that he has tried to do and fallen from.

I can tell that this trick is really hard on his knee. Proscootering is pretty cool in my eyes.

It’s a very difficult trick and involves whipping the scooter in a circle overhead through the air. At the same time the bars are also turning. This all happens in the middle of a swoop up off the edge of a ramp.

I can’t really describe well what the trick is. There’s a certain name for it. He’s told me the name about 15 times and I can never remember it because it sounds like the names of all the other tricks.

Still this one is probably the hardest trick he’s ever tried. He’s nailed it a few times. When he’s nailed it, he’s had an audience and it has been very impressive.

The last time he nailed the trick, there was a group of six or seven young men standing around the baseball diamond just near the skate park. When my son landed the flip, I heard this roar coming from the group of young men.

They were all looking at him and making noise about the trick and the successful landing.  

After that trip was when he did another trick, landed hard on the bars and broke one off. That was 2 1/2 months ago and it has taken this long to get the bars replaced.

So here we are back at the skate park and he’s trying the same trick again . He keeps falling and it looks terrible. He gets up and he is limping and I know that his knee is causing him problems.

I bought a brace for him and I wish he would wear it when he is practicing.

Speaking of safety apparel, I also wish he would wear a helmet.

He has assured me that he will wear a helmet if he ever tries dangerous tricks like backflips. It’s not really a great comfort because on any of these tricks, when he falls off, he could very easily go backwards and crack his head on the concrete.

It helps me–when I’m at the skate park watching him do these tricks—to think about my project at home with my kitchen  

I like to think about how it’s going to look when it’s done. I’m excited about getting all of the tile removed.

The dust-free tile-removal company did a great job. And just like their advertisement promised, they were able to remove all of my tile throughout the kitchen without a grain of stray dust . Well that’s probably a slight exaggeration, but really, there was no dust at the end of the job.

So that’s all done and I’m ready for my new flooring, I’m very excited about what the hardwood is going to look like.